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    Our Dental Support Staff

    Tessa Paine brings to MTD her years of front office and call centre customer service. Every client's experience start with a phone call or reception booking. Having a lived experience of having a child with a "different ability and not a disabilty", you will hear Tessa empathically talking to parents with her warm and friendly voice, reasuring that their child and even themselves will have a safe, timely, and clinical and culturally appropriate treatment, recare, and an overall great experience at MTD. When not at work, you will find Tessa at the gym insipiring the rest of the team to stay fit, and would share a meal plan with you if asked. 

    Agnes Abag was a registered nurse (RN) and registered radiology technologist (RRT) in the Philippines before moving to Australia.  She completed her Certificate III in Dental Assisting at MYTOOTHDOCTOR, and is very happy to be back in the work force - having opted to be a stay-at-home mum to look after her only daughter's crucial infant and toddler development years.  Eli is now 5 years old and enjoys school and vacation care, with her dad sharing the school pick up runs.  Agnes works from both Garbutt (TAIHS) and Bushland Beach (MTD) practices. Agnes also maintains credentialling with the Townsville Mater Private Hospital as Dr Robles' dental surgical assistant.

    Carley Mauger is Dr Garret Robles’ first dental assistant since he started Project Outback Dental in 2015.  She easily learnt all the aspects of the role while assisting in Normanton - the POD's farthest dental mobile dental van service to date. Carley completed her Certificate III in Dental Assisting through the Australian Dental Association (ADAQ) and has held both clinical and administrative roles, including stocktakes for all dental clinics of MYTOOTHDOCTOR. Carley has now moved to Melbourne but maintains remote online duties -  continuing to record and report treatment statistics for the Townsville Aboriginal and Islander Health Service, POD's main institutional client. 

    Jacinta Jones come on board to be Dr Crystal John's main dental nurse but is currently on maternity leave but her dual assisting and admin roles will still be there for her in 6 month's time! Jacinta is a qualified Cert III dental nurse with experience in both administrative and clinical roles having worked for a local corporate dental practice and a number of private practices in Townsville since 2012.  Outside of the dental industry, Jacinta is also a qualified hairdresser - an interesting dual qualification as dentistry historically has evolved from Barber surgeons of the Middle Ages! - cutting hair and pulling teeth. We look forward to hear Jacinta's bubbly and engaging conversations after her maternity leave - minus her hypoglycemic spells that have kept everyone on their 1st aider mode.

    Tahnee Massaro is our newest team member. She hopes to complete her Cert III in Dental Assisting with MYTOOTHDOCTOR at the soonest time so that she could finally be, as she puts it, "on a big girl's wage". In just a few months into her role, Tahnee, has demonstrated that she is a keen fast learner - able to to handle front office phone calls, do sterilisation, and asssit with dental procedures and work from our the dental van. During clinic downtime, you will see Tahnee happily folding bibs or bring out her Mac to complete and send away some of her completed Cert III module assessments. Otherwise she would be sitting at our reception office enjoying her sour cream and onion chips in between patients. 

    Nathaniel Layug is the practice’s main mobile dental operations dental assistant and is in charge of the practice’s sterilisation audits. He is also Dr Robles' most technollogy savy theatre surgical assistant, He operates MTD's Carestream/Dexis digital scanner, chairside crown milling machine, and Exocad for same day crown restorations. When not in the treatment rooms, you will find him happily 3D printing dental models and occlusal splints. On completion of his Cert III in Dental Assisting with the ADA, Nathaniel looks forward to doing further studies in dental technology and dental prosthetics. 

    Stacey Jensen has more than 9 years work experience as a dental assistant.  On top of her Cert III Dental Assistant qualification, Stacey is also an AHPRA registered enrolled nurse.  She is Dr Garret's dental general anaesthetic  coordinator. Her work also involves allocating appointments for Project Outback Dental's indigenous client base at TAIHS. When not at work, Stacey looks after her two lovely rescue cats, Random Citizen and Zazzy. 

    Ruby Jolicoeur was born in the Seychelles and moved to Townsville in 2009 with her husband and dentist Dr Craig Jolicoeur.  Ruby has been a dental assistant for 16 years, having worked as clinical coordinator for 1300SMILES. Ruby completed an overseas Advanced Certificate in Oral Health and Social Studies and an Australian Certificate III and IV in Dental Assisting and Radiography. Ruby joined MYTOOTHDOCTOR to learn more about practice administration and hospital based dental patient care.  Ruby's main strength is surgical assisting, but is a natural leader - inspiring our younger the support staff team.  When not at work, Ruby loves spending time with her husband, Dr Craig, and their only child Eisha, and meeting up with her friends. Ruby worries about Eisha doing gymnastics! Ruby maintains that her best holiday destination will always be her home country, the Seychelles.  Hope we can all enjoy a holiday there with Ruby. 

    Dr Mary Ann Palma-Robles, has a background and Ph.D. in International Fisheries Law, and is a policy analyst by profession. Mary Ann is MYTOOTHDOCTOR’s co-owner and business manager. Mary Ann makes sure the practice is compliant with dental regulatory policies and procedures – particularly on sterilisation and infection control, radiation hygiene, staff employment and career development. Her accounting know how also keeps the business tax compliant - as Dr Garret is hopeless or rather helpless when it comes to numbers. To better assist and encourage our young dental staff to pursue further training, Mary Ann has also completed a Cert IV in Dental Assisting and Oral Health Promotion with Australian Dental Association Queensland (ADAQ).

    Sofia Margaret Robles is the newest member of the Robles household, in addition to Mary Ann and Garret's fur babies Bear (12) and Luna (5), (and Kiesha, that sadly the family misses so much). Sofia loves her classes at Glen Buchanan's swim school, but is always late for daycare at JCU Kids. She knows when to stall and when to hurry up at age 3! She will likely pursue a university degree of her choosing - but lots of play for now.

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