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    Indigenous Oral Health

    MYTOOTHDOCTOR is at the forefront of Aboriginal Oral Health care in Townsville, as its sister practice Project Outback Dental (POD) Pty Ltd is the outsourced dental service provider of preventative dental services at the Townsville Aboriginal and Islander Health Service.

    Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders can avail of complimentary dental services at the TAIHS Dental Department, if they are already a long term patient TAIHS or following completion of their Aboriginal Health Check (715).

    Community members can be seen on the same day or week of referral by their TAIHS GP.  Each referral letter is valid for 9 months and 2 days coinciding with the need for a follow up medical health check.

    Over the last 5 years, POD has reported a significant improvement in the dental health of the Townsville ATSI community resulting in a lesser need for emergency dental management, less pain management and emergency extractions, and a shift to a higher preventative, and restorative service need.

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