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    If a dental home is not established early, the cost of rehabilitative dental treatment can be very costly. Preventative, timely, and appropriate treatment result in the family's improved oral health, and overall health outcomes.

    MYTOOTHDOCTOR™ has based its private dental fees against two of the government's current bulk billing schemes:

    Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

    Children eligible under the Child Dental Benefits Scheme can access Medicare rebated in-chair dental treatments up to a limit of $1052 every two years.  However, if your child requires a general anaesthetic or day surgery, CDBS cannot be used to cover dental, anaesthetist or private hospital fees.

    Department of Veterans Affairs Dental Fee Schedule

    Clients with a DVA Gold Card can avail of bulk billed dental services through DVA.

    To assist patients with private health cover, MYTOOTHDOCTOR™ has a HICAPS facility to claim benefits.  However, for our regional service locations, our mobile HICAPS terminal is unable to process claims with specific health funds (i.e. Medibank Private, AHM). Patients with health funds that do not allow mobile HICAPS claims will need to pay in full and later submit a claim. 

    We advise our clients in rural and remote regions to closely compare policies, avoid health funds with "preferential rebates" and consider enrolment with health funds that allow mobile HICAPS claims. 

    We have heard some families being told by private health insurers to "drive 700 km to to see the funds "preferred" providers."

    We are often asked about payment plans, and YES we can offer plans through our third party payment providers. Our practice is enrolled with Denticare, Supercare, Afterpay, and TLC.  For kids and family members needing a general anaesthetic, our dentist professional fees can be paid thru instalments - billed only after your child or family member's dental needs have been addressed.  The anaesthetist and Mater Hospital fees however will need to be paid separately and in full prior to day surgery, through their own payment facilities.

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