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The perks of drinking water.

Good oral health is important for maintaining general health and wellbeing and a nice white, appealing smile. While brushing and flossing are essential to good oral health, drinking water is also important in keeping your pearly whites sparkling.

Water is a wonder! With so many benefits, why would you choose to drink anything else? Water flushes out toxins, improves skin complexion, relieves fatigue, helps maintain a healthy weight, and it also has a number oral health benefits, including:

Fresh breath.

Having a dry mouth is the perfect breeding ground for certain bacteria. Most of us would have experienced unpleasant “morning breath” when we first wake up. Your mouth dries out when you are sleeping, as you are only producing a very small amount of saliva, creating the perfect environment for bacteria to breed. If you’re not staying hydrated, bad breath can occur any time of the day! Drinking water keeps your mouth moist and helps to eradicate the dryness that bacteria so enjoys. Further, drinking water after you eat removes any leftover bits of food, leaving little to sustain the bacteria.

Staining prevention.

Many foods and drinks can leave our teeth stained and discoloured. Coffees, curries, black teas and soft drink are just a few favourites that are able to stain our teeth over time. Swishing water in the mouth can help rinse off the stains that these snacks can leave, and prevent them from seeping into the tooth surface.

Flushing away sugars and acids.

Sugary and acidic foods have a harmful effect on your teeth because they result in tooth decay. The bacteria in your mouth enjoys nothing more than to feed on sugar, leading to the creation of acids. When these acids remain in your mouth for a long time, it begins to wear down the tooth enamel. Enamel can also be harmed by acids in foods, including many fruits and vegetables. Water can help neutralise the effect that these acids have on your mouth.

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